Jen Air: Ring, Ring

This is a short slice-of-life story featuring characters from my Jen Air series.  I will likely post more shorts and excerpts in the future, but be aware they may contain some spoilers for the novels themselves. Here, Jennifer Airhart, scientist, inventor, slayer of the evil queen, faces one of her most difficult challenges.  Again… Ring, […]

Jen Air: The Little Queen

And so, last year I published my first novel.  It’s primarily about two friends, Jennifer Airhart and Kaya Cade, who were very close when they were young.  But in their teens their lives started to change.  Jennifer’s parents vanished on an expedition and she became very shy and withdrawn.  Kaya, while trying to figure out […]

Red Riding Hood vs Fairy Town

Before I start posting about stuff I’m working on now, I thought I would first share this tale I found going through some old schoolbooks of mine.  It was written by me, age 9, and if I may say so is a rather gripping legal drama/thriller that was very ahead of its time.  I believe […]

Greetings, primates.

Hello, and welcome to my blog on WordPress which is all about me. Who am I, you may ask – a profound philosophical question.  And the answer is that I have no idea.  But I can tell you who I think I am.  John Coutelier, author of the science fiction adventure novel Jen Air: The […]