Jen Air: The Little Queen


And so, last year I published my first novel.  It’s primarily about two friends, Jennifer Airhart and Kaya Cade, who were very close when they were young.  But in their teens their lives started to change.  Jennifer’s parents vanished on an expedition and she became very shy and withdrawn.  Kaya, while trying to figure out who she was, fell in with a bad bunch and became a bully, even picking on her old friend who had once been like a sister to her.

The two drifted apart and are now adults.  They haven’t seen each other in several years.  But then, one night, Kaya comes upon a corpse and then is attacked herself by a creature possessing superhuman speed and strength.  Battered, confused, and with no-one else to turn to, she looks up her old friend and together they embark on an adventure that sees them come up against an evil corporation, faeries, changelings, Killer Aqua Bunnies, and The Little Queen – a young girl seeking revenge for her mother’s death.

It isn’t perfect.  My main regret is that I couldn’t afford a professional editot and proof reader and had to rely on friends and family to help.  I fixed/changed a lot after the initial publication, but I expect there are still quite a few errors.  But overall I am happy about it – it serves as an introduction to a series of novels I’ve planned, and it’s also taught me a lot about self publishing.  For the sequel I’m writing I intend to put aside more time for proofreading and editing and getting feedback, but as I’ve not finished writing it yet there’s no way of telling how long until it’s ready.  Hopefully later this year.

Another little issue I have is that I tacked a little introduction at the start, and I can’t remember exactly why as it doesn’t really need to be there.  I think I was afraid that people would see the cover and the prologue and think this was a story about actual, mystical faeries.  But it’s actually more like Jurassic Park, so I wanted to make it clear it was science fiction and not fantasy, so that they wouldn’t feel misled.  As I’m just very considerate like that.  But, if I do decide to write another expanded edition in the future I’ll probably take that bit out.  I did also set myself a limit of about 70,000 words for the first book, which meant I ended up cutting and stripping down a lot.  It could have easily been much longer.  But maybe I’ll reuse some of the ideas I had planned in the future.


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