Characters: Jennifer Airhart


A portrait of my character, Jennifer Airhart, sitting at home with her pets.  Here’s a version her bio:

Name:- Jennifer Willow Airhart

Height:- 5 feet 4 inches

Favourite Author:- Carl Sagan

Favourite Pet:- NAO

Biography:- Jen has always been a bit shy and a daydreamer, but as a child she was always driven to investigate and explore, always carrying a camera, torch, and notebook around in her backpack just in case she came across any fairies, ghosts, UFO’s, or Bigfoot, and needed to document the experience.  She was happy and very close to both her parents; her father, a scientist working for Stag Corp, and her mother, a historian and lecturer.  She also a friend she was very close to, Kaya Cade, who she met at school when the other girl protected her from bullies.

But despite her very happy childhood, things went very badly for Jen throughout her teens.  This started when her parents, on the orders of The Meridiem Group, left on an expedition to Antarctica and never returned.  Jen has never been able to find out what happened, or why they even had to go in the first place.  But they did, and she was left alone.  She didn’t even her friend to turn to, as Kaya had fallen in with a bad crowd while Jen became increasingly withdrawn.  Although she had an uncle who provided for her, the most meaningful contact she had for a long time was with Doctor Jana Sarkis, who had once been her father’s assistant and continued to visit and check on Jen for years.  She grew to think of Jana as like an aunt (despite this, Jen didn’t know that Jana still worked for Stag Corp, believing the doctor had pursued a career in medicine, likely because of how she kept inquiring about Jen’s health).

With her uncle and inheritance providing for her, Jen doesn’t really have to work (occasionally she’ll sell an invention or code she’s written, which provides her with all the extra money she needs).  So, she spends nearly all her time at home, reading, studying, tinkering with machines and experiments.  She has many hobbies, including computing, astronomy and destroying walls and other things using science.  But she’s particularly fond of building robots.

To most people, Jen seems very shy and awkward, but she can speak confidently in front of people she does know quite well, as well as about topics that interest her like technology and science.  When she does become friends with someone, she is extremely loyal and fiercely protective.

Trivia:- She once owned a teddy bear who she called Teddy Woolsfelt.

Quote:- ‘It’s not enough just to believe. People can believe very strongly in all kinds of things that are wrong, like ghosts or miracle cures or white supremacy… I used to believe that you were my friend, but I was very wrong about that, now, wasn’t I?’

Some more pictures:


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