Characters: Kaya Cade


Portrait of Kaya Cade, a character from my new story series Jen Air.

Name:- Kaya Cade

Height:- 5 feet 6 inches

Favourite Author:- Dunno… who wrote the thing about some boys getting lost on an island and they start a tribe and devolve into savages? I think it was called Peter Pan.

Favourite Pet:- Jennifer

Biography:- Young Kaya never had a happy life at home.  Although her mother doted on her, her father was abusive and she grew to hate them both; her father’s abuse, and her mother’s not standing up to him.  At school she received solace because of her friendship with Jennifer, spending as much time with her friend as she could.  But as the girl’s entered their teens and Jen had problems of her own, becoming increasingly introverted and withdrawn, they started drifting apart and Kaya fell in with a ‘gang’ led by Candace Mullins.  She started to become a bully, even picking on her older friend.  In truth, Kaya was always a little jealous of how close Jen was to her family.

After school Kaya wanted to leave home as quickly as possible.  A string of unsuccessful jobs followed, mostly working as a shop assistant in various establishmens but always getting fired in little time due to literally fighting with customers.  One time, she assaulted a man who it seemed had only entered the shop to bother another assistant.  Another, she threw out a father and son as the youngling wanted to learn guitar but didn’t know who Hendrix was.  When she wasn’t working, which was most of the time, Kay resorted to petty crime to get by.

Her first love however was music.  She has played guitar since an early age and formed a band with Sayuri and a couple of her old gang members, The Killer Aqua Bunnies.  Of course, Candace assumed control of that as well and consequently they were never very successful.  As an adult, Kay started to feel guilt over some of the things she did as a teenager, her treatment of Jennifer chief among them.

Kay usually hides how she feels behind a lot of bad jokes and silliness.  But she is very tough and resourceful, and extremely loyal to her friends.

Trivia:- Although she dresses in punk fashion and plays in a rock band, Kaya’s tastes in music are very eclectic and one of her favourite songs of all time is ‘We All Stand Together’ by Paul McCartney.

Quote:- ‘Only yarn that ever mystified me was when my mum gave me a sweater with Donny Osmond’s face on it. I’ve always hated Donny Osmond.’

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