Characters: Sayuri Oshiro

Sayuri Oshiro, the Killer Aqua Bunnies drummer from my book series Jen Air. Name:- Sayuri Oshiro Height:- 5 feet 5 inches Favourite Author:- J.K Rowling Favourite Pet:- Drumkit. Biography:- Sayuri’s parents left Japan when they were young to travel the entire world in search of excitement and adventure.  It was only when her mother discovered […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1 Disc 4

Celebrating Star Trek’s fiftieth year by rewatching the Star Trek show I grew up with, The Next Generation, on Blu-Ray and sharing the odd thought on the episodes as I watch them. 1.15 11001001 Probably the best episode of the series so far.  It’s kind of dumb how Picard and Riker, captain and first officer […]