Characters: Sayuri Oshiro


Sayuri Oshiro, the Killer Aqua Bunnies drummer from my book series Jen Air.

Name:- Sayuri Oshiro

Height:- 5 feet 5 inches

Favourite Author:- J.K Rowling

Favourite Pet:- Drumkit.

Biography:- Sayuri’s parents left Japan when they were young to travel the entire world in search of excitement and adventure.  It was only when her mother discovered she was pregnant that they decided to finally settle in Irongate, where Sayuri has lived her entire life (hence why she usually gives her name with her given name first, followed by her family name).

While never the most outgoing and popular person around, Sayuri has always been generally well liked by people due to her warm, friendly and laid back attitude toward life.  She is unassuming and accepting of things that would shock and appal other people.  The only times she usually shows outward signs of stress and annoyance are when her father, whose shop she helps run, makes what she believes are bad business decisions or purchases.

When she isn’t running the store, her main hobby is playing the drums.  When Kaya, Candace and Ashley wanted to form a band and needed a drummer, it was a chance encounter that led to Sayuri joining them.  Well, not really a chance encounter: Kaya tried to shoplift but was caught.  But rather than call the police, Sayuri decided to take pity instead and the two became friends (although she had gone to same school as Kaya and Jennifer, they had never really gotten to know each other before then).

Sayuri also has an interest in the paranormal and in having her fortune told; she reads her horoscope.  She doesn’t believe that there is any mystical force guiding her destiny – to her it’s mostly fun, but also she finds something calming and motivating about it.

Trivia:- Once, when her parents were considering moving back to Japan, Sayuri (who didn’t want to leave her life and her friends behind) got some friends together and built a rock garden at the back of their store to convince them to stay.

Quote:- ‘It’s only really lying if you know the truth.’


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