Jen Air: The Killer Aqua Bunnies

From left to right: Jennifer Airhart, Kaya Cade, Tenley Tych and Sayuri Oshiro who are all characters from my Jen Air series.


I mentioned before I mess around with 3D programs and other apps on the internet to create visual references for my characters, and sometimes have fun playing with them as if they were dolls (also you have cameras in 3D programs so you can mess around with perspectives, focal lengths, angles etc).

Not the original lineup.  The orginal group started by Kaya consisted of herself, Candace and Ashley, and then Sayuri Oshiro joined.  Recently there was a split in the group, so Kaya and Sayuri are looking for a new bassist and singer.  I’m not sure what they’re looking for is this, but if Tenley does decide she really wants the gig there’s likely not going to be much they can do about it.  For now though they let the kid have her fun, while Jen, taking a rare break from tinkering with her mechanical babies, watches on amusedly.  Maybe in the future she’ll start doing lighting and pyrotechnics for the band, and making their amps go up to eleven.


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