Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1 Disc 6

Only two episodes on the final disc of the first season, and then a lot of extra such as gag reels and a documentary on the making of season one.  Don’t have time for those now, as there are still six more seasons and over a 150 episodes to go before Trek’s fiftieth anniversary year is up.

1.25 Conspiracy




His head burst…

I think when I watched this when I was younger it must have been edited for TV, because… his skull just popped.  I don’t remember that at all.  Have a look (but I warn you, it’s not for the faint hearted):

Also love how he says ‘we seek peaceful coexistence’ and Picard and Riker share a look and go, ‘f*** that’.  Reminds me of The Simpsons X-Files episode, when the town believes an alien is visiting and telling them things like ‘I bring you peace… I bring you love…’ and the townsfolk are all ‘He’s bringing us peace! Break his legs!’  So, it’s got that going for it.

But, yes this episode is the payoff for an earlier episode where was Picard was being investigated.  The villains in this episode were kind of campy though, and despite the ending making it seem like they might return, the Goa’uld would never again appear in any Star Trek TV show or movie.

So I guess that was the finale of the first season of TNG.  I’ll take a break from it now to get back to…

What?  That wasn’t the finale?  But… but the guys head just exploded!  There’s surely no way to top that… is there?

There isn’t, but there is one more episode nevertheless.

1.26 The Neutral Zone

Well, there’s actually a lot to talk about in this episode.  I mean, the episode itself is terrible.  Apart from Data, the rest of the crews dismissive attitude toward discovering the twentieth century ship and survivors on board is just very out of character considering they’re supposed to be explorers.

But, as well as being the first appearance of the Romulans in this series, this is also the first time the Borg are mentioned.  Not by name, but the manner in which the outposts have supposedly been scooped out of the ground reeks of Borg (a fact Date refers to in ‘Q-Who?’, the episode in which they first officially appear, although after that it’s never mentioned again).  In any case, it seems like the Borg had already discovered the Federation before Q forces an encounter with them.

Also, it’s the first time the current year is ever stated in Star Trek, ‘2364′, which therefore forming the basis around which all the other continuity is based.  I don’t think the year, or even the century, was ever definitely stated in TOS – it could have been anywhere between the 23rd and 28th centuries – and it wasn’t until the movies that we’re told it’s the 23rd.

One of the survivors uses a com-panel to contact Picard, who chastises him for it.  When he asks why it doesn’t require a key, Picard just scoffs that humans now are able to control themselves and exercise.  Again though, this is a ship with children and teenagers on board so it’s a wonder Picard isn’t getting prank calls every minute.

We also learn that television doesn’t survive as a form of entertainment much past the mid-21st century.  Cat-gifs however are here to stay.

So, that was the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but expect there to be more soon.


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