Jen Air: Asterion – Tamer of Horses

I’m still on a roll.  While still an early draft this, and the previous extract I posted, are actually rewrites of one of the very first parts I wrote of this novel and posted on Tumblr here.  So now you can see the creative process in action.  There have already been significant changes, such as […]

Jen Air: Asterion – Silent Tears

Another extract from the novel I’m currently writing.  I’ve been on a roll this week.  Remember, until tuesday (May 31st), you can use the following code to get 100% off the first book, The Little Queen, from Smashwords: ND72U Also available in lots of other places.  It would be cool of you to rate or […]

Jen Air: Asterion – Stop Believing

Only a few days left to use that Smashwords coupon now (’ND72U’, in case you’ve forgotten, gets you 100% off until May 31st).  In the meantime, another extract from the sequel being worked on.  Kaya has stolen money, gotten drunk, gotten into a fight, and gotten arrested, and no one really knows why she’s on […]

Batman – The Game (1989)

Ever since the Arkham video game series came to an end like they did, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt a bat shaped hole in their lives.  But not to worry, because when I was searching through the charity shop today I came upon this Batman 1989 board game, produced by […]

Jen Air: Asterion – Now

There’s one week left that you can use the coupon ND72U to get The Little Queen free from Smashwords (also available in all these places).  It was revised a bit just last month, and hopefully the updated version will be made available to people who previously got it for Kindle.  The sequel is coming along […]

Jen Air: Asterion – B-Naturals

Or, why Kay is never able to hold down a job, an extract from the novel I’m currently writing, sequel to The Little Queen etc.  By the end of this novel Kaya will start actually facing her problems, but at this point she’s still having issues.  As usual it’s an early draft and subject to […]