Jen Air: The Little Queen – Book Trailer

So, a little while ago I had a go at making a book trailer for my first story, The Little Queen, since apparently that is a thing people do now.  It’s been brought to my attention that the first text slide doesn’t stay up long enough for everyone to be able to read it.  I’ll see if I can fix it at some point, but I’m already into writing the second story.  Still, I would like to get more feedback on this one as well, maybe release another edition with more corrections and other changes based on that.  The music and other sound are from one of those free sound effect websites.  Details are on the youtube page itself.

The post where I talked about the story and prove I’m terrible at self-promotion is here.  What is the story about?  Well, essentially it’s about the relationship between the two main protagonists.  Or it could be about ELF’s (Engineered Life Forms), and the idea of engineering our successors.  Or, it could be viewed as being about how people’s parents mess them up in various ways.  Or it could be about how evil corporations abuse scientific research and don’t take responsibility for the actions.  Or about how science and technology have this awesome ability to take what was once mystical and imagined and bring it to terrifying life.  But all of this ignores who the real hero of the story obviously is… Sergeant Francis Daramy, the West African policeman whose stories inspire everyone.  Wait, no… that’s not right.  Pointless.  His stories are all utterly pointless.  But we love him anyway.

So anyway, I made this trailer.  Trouble is I don’t really know what to do with it, since I suck at marketing and at doing the whole social media thing.


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