Jen Air: The Little Queen on Smashwords

I’ve decided not to remain just exclusive to Kindle, and opt out of the KDP Select thingy.  So now, The Little Queen and future novels will be available on Smashwords (who will I hope eventually distribute it on other major ebook stores… I’ll keep you posted when I know more).

So, last week I went through the story again making more corrections and little changes, just to make sure it’s a bit more polished before uploading to them.  Mostly little things and changing a few instances of words I found I used a lot, like ‘unfortunately’.  The most significant change is that I altered some of the first conversation between Jennifer and Alvin Stag so that it was clearer he saw himself as not just a businessman, but as a sort of father figure and god.  Again, I’ll try to get Amazon to let people have updates if they already got it through Kindle.

If you’re someone I already sent out a copy to, well just drop me a message here, or on Tumblr or Twitter if you’d like the newest revised version.  Also if you’re someone who writes reviews or is just looking for something to read get in touch too, and I might send you a free copy.


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