Jen Air: The Little Queen – Now for sale in all good ebook stores.


Yes, a new cover for the newest revised version.  The lettering is now much bigger and more orange.  I’m sure you’ll agree, a massive improvement.

It’s also on Smashwords, where until the end of this month you can use the following code to get 100% off:


‘Science has the power to turn dreams and fantasy into reality.  But dreams can sometimes become nightmares.  Kaya Cade, a down on her luck guitarist in a punk band, finds herself waking up to one such nightmare when she is attacked by a creature posessing superhuman agility and strength.  Battered and confused, she turns to an old friend for help, but they hadn’t parted on the best of terms.’

It’s also now available in all the following ebook retailers, and possibly more:


Barnes & Noble (NOOK)





It would be cool of you to give feedback or leave a review on any of those sites (which don’t have to be long… just a few words will do).  But above all, enjoy and have fun.


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