My collections of tat: Doctor Who

Earlier this year I had a clean out of my old room, and took the opportunity to document some of the gargage I’ve hoarded over the years, such as this:


It’s the buddy cop show no-one knew they wanted – One’s a xenophobic monster from the distant past, and the other one’s a Dalek.

They were actually selling these 31-inch Hulksters off in Home Bargains for just a few pounds.  If you follow wrestling at all you probably know why they were going so cheap.  I don’t really, but my brother is still a fan so I got one for him.

Because you see this is actually the nice Hogan, from before he became a racist.  The ‘Real American’, as opposed to all you fake Americans who don’t have handlebar moustaches and parade around in yellow trunks.

The Dalek I call Blinky, and she recently spawned some Dalek pups:


I actually don’t buy a whole lot of these Doctor Who toys.  My niece was massively into it when she was younger.  But now she’s grown up, and I haven’t, so she passed them all on to me.


One of the Sonic Screwdrivers is a pen… an invisible ink pen, and after writing you push the button on the screwdriver to see what’s been written.  It can translate any language and convert into 3D of course.  The big Christopher Eccleston thing has a button and what looks like a speaker on him, so maybe it was part of some kind of intercom/walkie talkie set and I’m missing the other half.

Also note that the 80′s cyberman figure is obviously the best.

And here are just a few more of the trophies I’ve collected (the first two are hunting trophies, obviously):



My regret is that I no longer have the huge collection of Target Dr Who books that we used to have.  I think my brother might have taken them when he moved out.


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