Jen Air

So I’ve made a series page for Jen Air on Smashwords, because it is a series and I will be adding more over time, such as the new novel I’m working on now.  It’s not a Game of Thrones type of series where each book is continuing the same very long story.  More like a detective series, with each story revolving round a different mystery or different type of adventure entirely.  But with the same characters who each have their own little threads and personal development over time.  I’ll change the picture as I get more stuff, or maybe get someone to do the covers properly.


I’ve also had to write a series blurb, so this is what I’ve come up with so far:

‘The world is experiencing an awakening, as the things that were once just the stuff of dreams and fantasy are being given life.  Not by magic, but through ingenuity, science and technology.

But through such times there must also be heroes to protect and guide and, when necessary, fight against the darkest of those creations and those who would abuse their power.

These then are the adventures of science and tech wizard Jennifer Airhart, guitarist and part-time criminal Kaya Cade, the pound-for-pound strongest fighter in the world Tenley Tych, and a plethora of other friends, computers, robots and villains.’

(Also available in many other e-book stores).


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