My Collections of tat – Books & Stuff

I have more books than I could show you, so here are just a few, starting with Terry Pratchett:


And yeah, I actually only noticed after taking picture and posting it on Tumblr that I have two copies of Night Watch, yet I have no idea why.

Anyway, Sir Terry is really the reason I buy a lot more ebooks now, as thanks to him I have literally no more shelf space left for much else.  I also remember how Sir Terry used to joke, as he toured so much and signed so many books, that the books he hadn’t signed would one day be worth more than ones he had.  If that were true, I’d be in possession of a fortune, as only one of these is signed (Monstrous Regiment):


Aside from all the novels I have, I went through a period in my teens of buying lots of science fiction and fantasy art books, such as this:

Obviously the naked lady riding a panther is what made my teenage self want to buy it. But there’s some nice stuff inside too, as well as pages discussing different materials and techniques of artists.

I also bought The Art of Dragonlance, even though I’ve never actually read any of the books:

So there you go.  It’s got all your favourite Dragonlance characters inside.  Like…er… Bob, Margaret, Lance Henriksen, Dildo… all the favourites.


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