The Little Queen in Print

So, when I first thought about publishing my own book, the first place I went to was Createspace to do the first Kindle and print versions.  Now, after several revisions, I finally decided to order a few for myself, just to see what that was like.

They’re a little large for paperbacks.  You can see Lords & Ladies in the middle there (incidentally, the very first Discworld novel I got) is a typical size for a paperback around here.  My book is 6×9, which seems to be the default for Createspace but is more like the size of a hardback.  But I suppose I can always make another version if people ever want (the ISBN is tied to the size as well, so I would have to get another one to make it in a different size).

Even so, obviously very satisfying to see all your work and your name in print.

Anyway, I know you can get the print version either from Createspace itself,, or, as well as Barnes & Noble.  Also available in e-book formar in a number of stores.


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