Batman – The Game (1989)

Ever since the Arkham video game series came to an end like they did, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt a bat shaped hole in their lives.  But not to worry, because when I was searching through the charity shop today I came upon this Batman 1989 board game, produced by Paul Lamond Games.  Brilliant!  That will entertain me and the kids.  Mostly me.

There is, however, one small problem – it’s missing the rules.  All I’ve been able to find so far on the internet is this:

‘Players can choose to be either a “Batman” or a “Joker”, which determines their starting places and objectives. Batman must travel from Wayne Manor to the Batcave, and Joker must travel from Grissom’s Apartment to Axis Chemical. Upon arrival, a Destination card is chosen, and the first player to reach their destination wins. There are cards drawn on various spaces (power, direction, and battle) that give advantages and players can battle an opposite character type with a die roll-vs-die roll contest to gain extra moves and cards.’

Doesn’t seem too complicated, so I’m sure we can work it out.  Or just make up our own game entirely.  Like maybe the other pieces all have to try and catch Joker, or the villains have to catch Batman despite obstacles and diversions being thrown in their way.


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