Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness-ness

The other game I spent the summer playing was Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never played any Final Fantasy games, and it’s just a thing now that I’m determined to stick to for… no reason really.  I guess I just have too many things that I’m into so don’t want to add anything else.  Nevertheless, I have played quite a few other JRPG’s over the years, such as the Phantasy Star games back in the day, that Sailor Moon RPG for the SNES which I thought would be funny but wasn’t really all that funny.  Skies of Arcadia of course, quite a few of the Tales Of series.  And Star Ocean.

The first Star Ocean game I played was The Last Hope on Xbox 360.  It was one of the first games I had for that system, although I’m struggling now to recall much of what happened.  You play as Edge and you’re part of the first Warp mission to leave Earth and explore the galaxy, but you crash on a planet and Edge somehow ends up as captain.  At one point, you climb out of a tower and Reimi gets upset because she thinks she was made to climb down after so that Edge could look up her skirt.  I remember that happening, although I don’t know why… I guess it just hints at the level of maturity the humour and dialogue in this game is at.  You end up in the past at some point as well, in Area 51 or something.  I don’t think it has any bearing on Reimi’s butt or anything else going on.

In any case, I liked the game well enough overall that I picked up the previous title for the Playstation 2, Till The End of Time, and this title I do remember very well.  You start off as a normal boy vacationing on an alien world when it’s attacked, and things escalate from there until you end up fighting and killing what is essentially this universe’s God.  It’s quite a journey.

So, onto Integrity and Faithlessness which I picked up for the Playstation 4.  The story is a little smaller in scale compared to the other two titles I’ve played, with all of the gameplay taking place on one world.  It’s a typical pseudo-medieval world and your main character, Fidel, obviously isn’t aware that there is a Pangalactic Federation or other civilizations at all.  But, an enemy nation has acquired new weapons that fire shafts of light.  Contrary to what conspiracy theorists tell us though, when he and the other characters find out that there are aliens they pretty much just take it all in their stride.

So anyway, you play as Fidel, and near the start of the game you run into Miki, your childhood friend who would obviously like to be more than just friends but Fidel is kind of oblivious.  She is the party’s main healer and is very nice, but… it just kind of feels like there’s a factory somewhere that just churns out female leads for games.

Then you meet Victor who is a soldier who trained under Fidel’s father and who may or may not be gay.  That’s sort of the running joke with him, because he’s a soldier and he hangs around with fit young men most the time, I guess.  I don’t care.

So, next we meet Fiore, who is some sort of genius signeturge (mage, basically), although she looks stupid.  She looks like she was invited to a Halloween party but couldn’t decide whether to go as a witch, devil, or a harlequin, so she just slapped on all three costumes at once.  Other characters keep commenting on her fashion sense even though there’s no evidence of it.

Then there’s Relia, who is really the central character to the plot of this game.  She’s a young girl you find in the wreckage of a ship who doesn’t seem to remember anything, so Fidel and Miki take it upon themselves to find out who she is.

This eventually leads you to Anne and Captain Kenny, agents for the Pangalactic Federation.  Kenny is… well, he’s like Kirk as if Kirk was being written by an adolescent boy.  His sole aspiration in life is to meet and seduce alien women.  Anne is one of his long suffering officers who is good at punching things.  She should really punch Kenny, only she’d be court martialled and he’d probably like it anyway.

So that’s the main cast.  The game is graphically not that stunning.  Maybe it would have been okay for the previous generation of consoles, but… I don’t know.  This game just looks and feels quite low budget, even compared to both the older titles that I mentioned.  The story is unfortunately nothing special and the characters all a bit… meh.

But, if you’re looking a completely average JRPG because you have a lot of time to kill, I highly recommend.  Otherwise, probably just wait for another Final Fantasy game I guess.


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