Jen Air: Gender Equality

My niece did ask why so many of the characters in Jen Air are girls.  Which is true – all of the main characters are women and one girl, and most of the main villains are women as well.  In the later case, that was because Titania prefers having females as her lieutenants, possibly because […]

Jen Air Novels & Novellas

The world is undergoing an awakening, as science and technology are bringing things that were once just fantasy to real, and sometimes terrifying, life.  But these heroes are there to fight back against abuses of knowledge and power, while keeping each other safe from all the really nasty stuff out there, like jobs. If you […]

Jen Air: Out There

Out there, another sci-fi adventure novella I’ve written, is now up for free on Smashwords at least for a while.  It will soon go up in other usual places too, as well as back up on Amazon.  It was on there before but I took it down as I noticed quite a few mistakes and […]

Jen Air: The Little Queen Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews I’ve had for The Little Queen.  Not too many as I’ve done little marketing (I mean I’ve talked about it on my blog and sent a tweet out here and there).  Also I’ve had a few reviews disappear from the Amazon website.  Apparently Amazon can delete them for […]

Star Trek: Fifty Years of Tat

Just some of the awesome and baffling merchandise available on Amazon.  Any big franchise of course has all sorts of merchandise sold around it.  I’m not sure what the process to get a license to sell Star Trek stuff is.  I guess you just write to Paramount and say ‘I want to stick Worf’s face […]

Jen Air Series

Updated the series page on Smashwords with a slightly revised blurb: ‘The world is undergoing an awakening.  As science and technology marches forward, things that were once thought of as just the stuff of dreams and fantasy are being given real life.  Most dreams are good, but some when unguided become nightmares. In this world […]