Review: Jane Austen Action Figure

Jane Austen Action Figure

So I was browsing Amazon for… well, let’s face it, tat to fill my home with, when I came upon this thing.  Now, I haven’t bought it, at least not yet, but I’ve a few thoughts just based on the product image:

As you see, it includes a book and quill so you can reenact Jane writing her famous novels… although she would have to write while standing up or lying down as it doesn’t look to me like that skirt will bend (although I could be wrong).  Although the back does point out that this is NOT A TOY – It’s an action figure, thank you very much.

But then we get to the face, which… really isn’t very good.  Thing is, there are a few portraits that are claimed to be Jane Austen, but often they turn out to be someone else or it’s just impossible to verify.  There is only one portrait we know is definitely Jane, and it’s this one by her sister Cassandra:

NPG 3630; Jane Austen by Cassandra Austen
by Cassandra Austen, pencil and watercolour, circa 1810

And that’s… not very good either to be honest.  I guess the action figure looks like the portrait, but it’s hard to tell if either is really a very good likeness.  She might well have had badly painted on hair – we just don’t know.

Still, if you’re a fan or want to start your own collection of famous author action figures (maybe have them team up to battle Daleks, Imperial Stormtroopers and Loki – I know it says its not a toy but why not have fun?) then go ahead.  I already see in the recommendations that plenty of other writers are available.


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