Jen Air Series

Updated the series page on Smashwords with a slightly revised blurb:

‘The world is undergoing an awakening.  As science and technology marches forward, things that were once thought of as just the stuff of dreams and fantasy are being given real life.  Most dreams are good, but some when unguided become nightmares.

In this world there are organisations and corporations that do as they please. They are answerable to no one, and more conerned with wealth and power than with bettering the lives of ordinary people or having a greater understanding of nature and the universe.

And so, there must also be people who stand up to those who abuse knowledge and power.  To fight and guide others through these times.  People such as Jennifer Airhart, who lives in her lighthouse on top of a hill, always indulging her intellectual curiosity.  Kaya Cade, punk guitarist and part time criminal.  And Tenley Tych, changeling and pound-for-pound one of the strongest warriors in history.

Together with their other friends, robots and computers, they solve science based mysteries, battle evil conglomerates and other villains, all while protecting and helping each other keep away all the really bad stuff out there.‘

The overarching theme of these stories is how science and technology is able to give life to fantasy.  Really it’s the only tool humans have ever had with that kind of power.  This being drama and fiction of course, that often goes wrong resulting in monsters and other crises that our heroines have to defeat or put right somehow.  It should not be taken as an indictment of scientific progress, which on the whole is a good thing.  It’s just killer faeries are more exciting (although, I will still try to write a story someday where something new is invented and it works out fine and everyone is happy).  I suppose Jen’s inventions are benign… mostly.

The Little Queen saw elves and faeries come to life.  The next upcoming novel, Asterion, will mostly be a good old dungeon crawl loosely based around classical Greek mythology.  These are of course also available in the following stores:

AmazoniBooksBarnes & NobleInkteraKoboScribd


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