Star Trek: Fifty Years of Tat

Just some of the awesome and baffling merchandise available on Amazon.  Any big franchise of course has all sorts of merchandise sold around it.  I’m not sure what the process to get a license to sell Star Trek stuff is.  I guess you just write to Paramount and say ‘I want to stick Worf’s face on a cheese grater’, and they’ll just say ‘sure, whatever… just give us half the money and do whatever you want’.

Although some of this stuff I expect is really good and had some thought put into it and possibly well worth considering if you’re a trekkie.  Doggy costumes, baby feeders, terrifying face masks, Garden Gnomes, Ode to Spot Data Poster, Million Dollar Bill (which costs $40, so not a bad deal really), neighborhood watch…  And my personal favorite, the Mister Spuck rubber duck, which I must have.  It asks me to, it tasks me, and I shall have it…


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