Frontier of Forever – Kindle, iBooks, B&N and more


Now on Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and more (see links at the bottom).  Contains a few little revisions, alterations and changes from the blog version, and proceeds will go to Mister Spuck, and then I will take photos of Mister Spuck in the bath, on ponds and lakes, and boldy going where no duck has gone before.

‘On September 8th, 1966, a show aired on NBC that portrayed a hopeful future. Over the next fifty years that message spoke to millions of fans around the world, embracing it’s message of equality and hope for the betterment of mankind. That show was Star Trek, and this is not its story.

What this novella is, however, is a love letter from an author inspired by the show, written in celebration of fifty years of boldly going where no one has gone before. Not only the that, but show that first captivated the author and sparked a life long interest in science, real and fiction, and in exploring new frontiers, both real and in the imagination.

But this is a story about a boy, Alex Dylan, on his way to Irongate’s new Kosinski Center which is about to host it’s first public event – a science fiction and fantasy convention. Kaya Cade, Sayuri Oshiro and Jennifer Airhart also plan to attend (and Tenley’s going too, because it’s apparently some sort of crime for her to be unsupervised). But the night before the convention begins, Jennifer detects strange exotic particles and begins to suspect the con may be about to become dangerously real. Will our herones be able to save the convention and make it home for some Earl Grey before it’s too late?‘

Available from the following stores:

AmazoniBooksBarnes & NobleSmashwordsinkteraKoboScribd


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