Jen Air: The Little Queen Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews I’ve had for The Little Queen.  Not too many as I’ve done little marketing (I mean I’ve talked about it on my blog and sent a tweet out here and there).  Also I’ve had a few reviews disappear from the Amazon website.  Apparently Amazon can delete them for all kinds of reasons.  I mean it’s understandable they’d want to block immediate friends and family, but they can actually delete reviews from anyone who follows the author on social media which considering that’s the main way people have of promoting their work and getting in touch with their readers does seem a little harsh.  But anyway, here are some:

‘An easy to read and entertaining adventure story about two childhood friends who overcome a teenage falling out to solve a bizarre series of murders apparently perpetrated by mythical/mystical beings appearing in their small town. A little sci-fi, a little mystical creature novel, a little mystery tied in with a voyage of self discovery. Suitable reading for young adults and adventure lovers a like. It contains some violent scenes. I would have given it five stars but I found the author’s tendency to constantly refer to the female characters (including main characters) by physical attributes (such as hair colour) rather than their names rather distracting and off putting.’

That’s fair.  A few people have said now that I refer to characters by their hair too often, so it’s something I’m cutting down a lot on with the current novel I’m writing.

‘This was a fun story bringing fantasy to life in a more contemporary, sci-fi setting.  It reminded me a bit of Jurassic Park, with a similar theme of irresponsible use of science by big corporations. This author doesn’t dump quite as much science on you as Crichton, at least not all at once, instead focusing on the relationship between the two main characters interspersed with action and several nods to the mythology behind the story. And despite everything the titular character, Jen, is obviously very pro-science and confident that a lot of good could be done with new technology at least in the right hands. All the characters I find quite sweet and charming in their own way, with a lot of quite clever and funny dialogue, and there’s a secondary theme about lost childhood and recapturing things you’ve lost.  My only complaints were a few text errors and the story not being long enough. I feel some scenes could have gone a bit longer and there’s kind of a rush toward the end. Still, it was extremely enjoyable overall and hopefully there will be more in the future.’

Thematically, yes I suppose Jurassic Park is an influence as it’s about the irresponsible use of technology by corporations.  The science isn’t evil, and I do point out that there are a lot positive things that could be done with the technology.  It’s really just Alvin Stag who’s an irresponsible, evil, rambling idiot.  The only reason I don’t go more into ‘the science’ is partly I don’t think there’s really much to it – it’s a step up from genetic engineering in that instead of modifying existing, they can create whole new organisms from scratch, more or less – and partly I don’t think it’s a sci-fi authors job to educate people.  If people become interested they can go and find out what the real science is on their own, and that’s great.  Also, I limitied myself to a 70,000 word count so that all had to go anyway.

‘What a wonderful adventure this was, truly a magical, sci-fi book! I rarely get to come across a story so original and creative, yet here I have found it and I am giving it five stars for sheer quality and charm. We follow the perilous journey of young Kaya and Jennifer, who stumble across a bizarre array of obstacles and happenings after Kaya witnesses a very strange being and must solve the mystery… Their relationship as old childhood friends is a delightful and well-developed one, and the adventure they share is compelling and fantasy filled. I loved the author’s choice for the “antagonist”, a very nice twist on the traditional villain, and an unexpected one at that. Characters and experiences intertwine and so too does the fantasy and science aspects of this story, I loved every chapter. Having finished this book in a matter of days, I will certainly be reading the rest of the books in this series!’

Well, I’m glad you liked it.

You can buy The Little Queen in print or ebook formats from the following retailers:


Barnes & Noble (NOOK)






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