Jen Air: Out There


Out there, another sci-fi adventure novella I’ve written, is now up for free on Smashwords at least for a while.  It will soon go up in other usual places too, as well as back up on Amazon.  It was on there before but I took it down as I noticed quite a few mistakes and wanted to make a few changes anyway.  Not too extensive in the end – corrections, altering and tweaking some of the dialogue to sound a bit more like the characters, adding a little bit here and there.  Amazon are kind of jerks about updating things for people who already downloaded something though.  I’m not even sure they sent out updates for my other books when they said they would.  But we’ll see.  In the meantime, here’s a brief synopsis:

‘Stargazing and astronomy prove to be a dangerous hobby for Jenny Airhart and her friends, as while out camping they are stumbled upon by a paranormal investigator, Sir Lionel Baker – Gentleman, Adventurer, and purveyor of mystery! (The biggest mystery being why did Kaya’s mom once give her a sweater with Donny Osmond’s face on it?)

But Lionel is not so harmless as he first appears, as soon the women are drawn into an adventure with a very dangerous gang.  And even greater dangers await them where they’re going, beneath the earth, where deadly secrets lie in wait…

This novella takes place after the novel ‘The Little Queen’, and before the upcoming novel ‘Asterion’.’  


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