Tenley vs Velociraptor


It’s a Deinonychus!

Tenley loudly insists as she punches out a Velociraptor.  Ten does have some hobbies besides punching things, and one of them is she’s fascinated by Dinosaurs, watching all TV shows and reading many books on the subject.  So, she hates it when movies get things about them wrong.  In fact not only does this raptor not have feathers, but I couldn’t find any Velociraptor/Deinonychus figures for this quick render, so that part is being played by a model labelled as Utahraptor. Thus further angering her with its inaccuracy.

Illustrated scene from the novella Frontier of Forever, which has been revised and corrected a bit from the version I posted last month and is available to download from online ebook retailers.

(If you didn’t know, Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg both based the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park on another dinosaur, Deinonychus.  Actual Velociraptors were about the size of a Turkey, but they decided had a much cooler sounding and easier to say name).

Here is some more Tenley:


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