Asterion – Introduction

So, after fumbling for a long time with trying different things and ideas, I’ve decided to share at least the first few chapters of my next novel, Asterion.  It sill isn’t yet finalised and so changes may yet occur before it’s published.  Even so, I would obviously welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions or questions.  Also, go and get the first one… you know you should (it’s also on lulu… I’ll add all the links I know of on the webpage soon enough).

Anyway, first a short intro:

Asterion – Introduction

In the middle of the trees and hills surrounding Irongate, there was a lighthouse.  Most of the town’s inhabitants had no idea it was there as the bulb had rarely been turned on in the last few decades.  Also Irongate wasn’t near an ocean, so why would there be a lighthouse?  And yet there it stood, strange and lonely and out of place, watching over the world while not feeling like a true part of it.

And in the lighthouse there lived a wise woman who revered and respected nature in all of its myriad of forms and complexity.  She once saved the world from a Queen who had turned bitter and vengeful because of her father’s mistreatment, but no one knew about it.  Or if they did, they were desperate to stop other people from ever finding out.  Which, to be honest, suited Jennifer just fine.

She was for the most part content with her life, away from most of the troubles that plagued the rest of the world and free to explore the universe the way she wanted.  But in her heart she knew there was one thing missing – she was lonely.  Not lonely in the sense of desiring a mate, as some tried to convince her was normal and the key to happiness.  All she desired was a living being that she could talk to, to share her excitement and awe with.  She’d had a friend before, and a family, but they had all been taken from her and she had no idea how or why.  So she withdrew from the world, hid from it, until in the midst of another tragedy she found her friend again.

Kaya Cade hadn’t hidden from the world, but nor could she find her place in it.  She had allowed herself to be led by others she thought were clear headed and strong, it only slowly dawning on her that they weren’t at all. The clarity those people seemed to have was because they understood so little and were too afraid to learn. They were leading her nowhere, and were horrid people to boot.  She wanted to be better and not become like him.

So the friends reunited and the old lighthouse was given life once more.  And it was all because of another lonely, but also very angry, girl named Tenley Tych.  All she had ever wanted in her short life was for her mother to actually be a mother, but although it was a vain hope it was one that she clung to.  Until a man with a knife ensured that dream would never come true.  That man, those with him, and the one who sent them, were all now dead.  But revenge wasn’t what Tenley thought it would be. It had left her tired, drained, and empty inside.  She had wanted her old life back, but that could never be.  But at the lighthouse, there was some hope even for someone as dark and angry at the world as her.

At the lighthouse, these three unlikely heroines now live, all of them strange but not as lonely as they were.  They help each other to keep the darkness at bay.

But now and then it finds some way of creeping in.  Even now, events that were set in motion over a century ago are about to threaten the tranquillity of all of their lives…


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