Asterion – Chapter One, Part Two

Excerpt time!  Usual disclaimer that these are drafts and a lot may change when the story finally published (not sure when – probably early next year).  The first novel and a few novellas are available from lots of places.  And if you’ve no idea what this is then essentially this series is sci-fi adventure about […]

Asterion – Chapter One

Well, the US may not be ready for it’s first woman president, but we are all ready for the best team of all (well, mostly) female nerds who fight science-y crimes and have adventures since… well, since the last one of these.  Here they are still cleaning up a bit after the first novel (which […]

Asterion – Prologue, Part 2

Introducing a few more characters and the first glimpse of the conglomerate Meridiem.  You don’t have to read the first novel to follow everything, but you should because it’s actually quite good.  The novellas are even more optional, but are also fun. Asterion – Prologue, Part 2 A volcanic islet in the south pacific had […]