The Little Queen – Pay what you want

I can’t do free giveaways on Amazon anymore, since I decided to publish on other online stores as well.

But, on Smashwords I’ve made it so you can set the price, which means indeed you can in fact get it for free from there if you want.  Obviously I would prefer you gave me something, as I’ve just made quite a few small corrections and changes (mostly removing a lot of reallys and actuallys that weren’t needed), and for my next novel I’m taking it really seriously and doing things properly by actually paying for a proofreader/editor.  So you know, I’d like to have some money left when it’s done.

But if you just can’t afford it, I guess it’s fine.  I’ve been broke as well, and it’s more important to me right now that more people read and enjoy my stuff.  So here’s that link again:

Jen Air: The Little Queen.

(It’s about synthetic biology, faeries and lighthouses, which I suppose are interests that don’t often overlap. It’s good though).

The usual price for the ebook from retailers is just $2.99 (USD).


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