The Little Queen – Themes

The Little Queen is still You Set The Price on Smashwords, and $2.99 everywhere else.  Should really update the description and everything on the website.  But now the necessary marketing stuff is out the way,today instead of talking about the plot I’m going to quickly go other some of the themes in this story, some of which surprised even me.

Obviously, making fantasy become ‘real’ through all sorts of science shenanigans was the main theme I had in mind when I started writing.  And of course the plot involves synthetic biology and genetic engineering and modification – that corporations shouldn’t be allowed to have a monopoly on these things and bad things happen when they do.  Alvin Stag in particular is a massive douche and should never have been entrusted with any of this.

There’s also the losing of ones childhood and being forced to grow up in this often cruel and unforgiving world.  But really what I wasn’t thinking about as I was writing but did later is how all the characters are really kind of messed up by their parents in some way.  It just kind of accidentally happened that way

Jen is obviously very influenced by her parents, especially her father, and possibly has a bit of an idealised view of what they were like.  Kaya, although it’s never directly shown, you can kind of surmise that she has issues with them and maybe that contributed to her being a nasty teen (she’s grown out of it now).  Sayuri… well actually Sayuri’s parents are never seen or heard but she does in fact get along with them and is a happy, well adjusted human being compared to everyone else.  Tenley obviously has very mixed feelings about her mother which she doesn’t understand and doesn’t know how to express.  And then there’s Titania, the villain… only I’d say Alvin Stag is really the main villain and her main father figure.  The low view she has of humanity, her arrogance and total belief in her superiority… she got all that from him.

So yeah, inadvertantly, parents messing up their children is sort of the main theme.  Apart from Sayuri like I mentioned.  And Chance and Daramy, we don’t really know what their parents were like.  They were probably fine, actually.  And Ella and Lily were escaped orphans who The Queen found, but I guess then Titania is their saviour/mother figure and that’s why they’re so loyal.  But apart from all the many exceptions, parents mess up their kids.

So, maybe people just emerging fully grown from a Crystal Egg isn’t a bad idea?

Another important theme of course is fairies and elves, but more on that later.


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