Beta Readers

As I’m finishing up the latest draft of the first few chapters of Asterion, I might as well start putting the word out that I’ll be looking for beta readers.  What I’m wanting to read is a science-fiction adventure story, but more adventure.  Also the first sequel to The Little Queen, which you can get for free (if you want to) from Smashwords.  (There are some novellas too, but they’re mostly fluff written for fun and have little bearing on the novels, for which I’m to save all the really juicy bits and development).

Asterion’s adventure will have a wider scope than the first book, the characters venturing further from home and delving into events that started a hundred years ago.  The completed novel will likely be much longer too, and hopefully allowing time for there to be a lot more character development.  The characters are a socially awkward but very clever sciency woman; a less contemplative but ofttimes more practical former girl punk band member; an angry eleven year old girl trained in martial arts and with the strength of a hundred angry eleven year old girls (and she’s eleven and a half now, actually), and quite a few others popping up as well, like the former bands drummer, dibbles, suave businessmen, a geneticist, eco-warriors and a lot of angry women.  Also a gay engineer from the nineteenth century who starts all this.

Most of the main characters are female (in fact, all of the actual main characters are).  I don’t think it matters much, as it’s sci-fi adventure and the problems they’re dealing with are things like synthetic killers and underground labyrinths, for the most part.  Still, obviously I’m interested in hearing from female readers as well.  Also as it is a sequel, I’d like to know how well you can pick up/follow even if you haven’t read the first one.  I try to avoid text dumps when writing and reveal things gradually, but still some things likely will take a bit of explaining, like the hundred-girl-strong girl.

Anyone who thinks they might be interested, feel free to message me.  There’s also an e-mail address on the contact page of my website.


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