Jen Air: The Novellas

I’ve written a few novellas for Jen Air that I will now look back on.  Obviously, I now hate all of them and I think the stuff I’m writing now is a lot better.  Still, you can get them from all these places.  Most of the time they’re free (except on Amazon for now, so just get them somewhere else instead, unless you feel like being kind).

So, as I’ve said these are mostly fluff just written for fun or to fill time, or sometimes I have an idea I don’t think I can fit or fill a novel with.  Since they entirely optional extras I didn’t really want them listed with the novels, but when I tried to change things on Amazon… well, nothing got updated at all.  So first up:


So, since the theme of the series is fantasy becoming real (through SCIENCE!), I just took a legend and reimagined it in a sci-fi-ish type of way.  One of the things I wanted to show is that although Tenley is obviously capable of protecting herself from any physical threat, Jen and Kay still want to protect her from psychological threats and other nasty stuff out there.  I don’t know if that comes across very well though.  I guess I also wanted to have a go at creating a comic book/Batman type of villain.  As for what Springheel wants to do when he finds the girl he wants… well, I don’t think it’s anything sexual.  I think he wants to protect them, but he’s just so addled he always hurts them instead.  This is also the shortest novella I believe.  It also establishes that yes, Tenley does have a fascination with Dinosaurs, and we again see her being kind to animals.  See, she’s not really a bad kid.  She was always the responsible one in her home, but we’ll probably learn more about that in the next novel.

Out There

This changed a bit while I was writing.  Partly because of David Bowie’s death (I was going to have a lot more references, but I was just too sad).  Lionel is a hero in his mind, but crumbles a bit when he gets involved with real bad people.  But otherwise it just shows that other ELFs can exist in all kinds of forms (and who knows, there may be more out there), and also to answer a question left at the end of The Little Queen.  That’s really all this story is for.  It does fill in a little more of Jen’s backstory as well, and I believe is the first time Sayuri’s family business is mentioned, and that Kaya’s dad was a fighter.

Frontier of Forever

Of course, this was written because of me being excited about Star Trek’s fiftieth anniversary last year.  A lot of jokes and references, not just to Trek but lots of other sci-fi and comic books and things.  And there could have easily been a lot more.  Could have spun the whole thing out a lot more, done more with the life form in the other realm, but I was pressed for time and had to wrap it up.  Also had to get back to writing the next actual novel.  Still good fun though I think.


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