This is the personal blog of one John Coutelier, author of the sci-fi adventure story Jen Air: The Little Queen, which has a sequel in the works and other stand alone novels I am working on.

So I will mostly be talking about my writing and novels and topics related to them, such as science and genetic engineering, or faeries and folklore.  On occasion I may chat about other subjects dear to me, such as favourite books, movies, TV shows or videogames and maybe write the odd review.

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome by a professional a few years ago, so sometimes I may go on too much about something.  Other times I may skip stuff and leave out critical information about what I am talking about.  If that happens, feel free to point it out if it bothers.  Just, you know, don’t be a dick about it.  So long as everyone sticks to that rule we can all have a good time.

Contact me by leaving a message, viewing the contact page on my website, or the e-mail address below:



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