Jen Air: The Novellas

I’ve written a few novellas for Jen Air that I will now look back on.  Obviously, I now hate all of them and I think the stuff I’m writing now is a lot better.  Still, you can get them from all these places.  Most of the time they’re free (except on Amazon for now, so […]

Asterion: School & Games

Another sizable extract from the novel I am writing, which is the first proper sequel to my first novel and expands a lot on the characters and their world (there are some novellas, but they’re mainly fluff written for fun).  Jen and Kay discuss whether Tenley should go to school, while Tenley overhears: School & […]

Beta Readers

As I’m finishing up the latest draft of the first few chapters of Asterion, I might as well start putting the word out that I’ll be looking for beta readers.  What I’m wanting to read is a science-fiction adventure story, but more adventure.  Also the first sequel to The Little Queen, which you can get […]

Asterion: Thale & Glauce

Another extract.  Yay!  And if you’re joining for the first time, this is from the novel I am writing now, which is a sequel to The Little Queen.  It’s a smart sci-fi adventure with some humour and fun, mostly female, characters.  But this time, we’re again meeting the main ‘baddies’ I suppose.  Of course you […]

The Little Queen – What I think.

A little bit of a retrospective on my first book The Little Queen.  A little bit of a review of my own work, I suppose (may contain spoilers).  The sequel, Asterion, is undergoing another rewrite and I’m nearly to the end of the first act.  Maybe then I’ll let some beta-readers take a look at […]

The Little Queen – Themes

The Little Queen is still You Set The Price on Smashwords, and $2.99 everywhere else.  Should really update the description and everything on the website.  But now the necessary marketing stuff is out the way,today instead of talking about the plot I’m going to quickly go other some of the themes in this story, some […]

The Little Queen – You Set The Price

Remember The Little Queen on Smashwords, all freshly revised and edited, is available for… You Set The Price!  So you can pay anything from nothing to one billion dollars… although it’s $2.99 everywhere else so that would be overpaying a bit I think. Here are some of the things other people have said about it, […]