Batman – The Game (1989)

Ever since the Arkham video game series came to an end like they did, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt a bat shaped hole in their lives.  But not to worry, because when I was searching through the charity shop today I came upon this Batman 1989 board game, produced by […]

My Collections of tat – Books & Stuff

I have more books than I could show you, so here are just a few, starting with Terry Pratchett: And yeah, I actually only noticed after taking picture and posting it on Tumblr that I have two copies of Night Watch, yet I have no idea why. Anyway, Sir Terry is really the reason I […]

My collections of tat: Toys & Games

Earlier this year I had a clean out and got to document some of the awesome collections of awesome things that I’ve accumulated over the years.  Such as these: Look, it’s WALL-E and EVE! Okay, actually it’s a 1980′s TOMY Dingbot, OMS-B (which you can no longer read on the sticker, sadly) and a 2014 […]

My collections of tat: Doctor Who

Earlier this year I had a clean out of my old room, and took the opportunity to document some of the gargage I’ve hoarded over the years, such as this: It’s the buddy cop show no-one knew they wanted – One’s a xenophobic monster from the distant past, and the other one’s a Dalek. They […]

Amy on her Magic Perch

Here are just some pictures of my own little dinosaur, a parrotlet called Amy.  (There were two when I got them, but unfortunately her partner, Rory, was sick and didn’t make it.  I did replace him with a plastic version for a time). “I’m a dinosaur!  Fear me, primates, for one day my feathered brethren […]

Smashwords Interview

Don’t forget, you can use the code ND72U to get 100% off The Little Queen from Smashwords, and download it in most popular e-reader formats.  It would then be cool if you leave me some feedback, or leave a quick review there or on Amazon (or any of the other places where it will be […]

I’ve been to Jurassic Park!

Or rather,  it came to me.  Kind of… birds are actually dinosaurs, so close enough.  Here are some pictures of the dinosaurs I encountered today, starting with a Golden Eagle: Also note how the ‘Common’ Buzzard turns her beak up at us.  Clearly doesn’t think herself so common.