Review: Paranormality by Richard Wiseman

So I’m going to start writing some quick reviews again, because I like to and it gives me something to do.  I’m starting with a non-fiction just because it was the last thing I read. So Richard Wiseman is a psychologist.  Before he was a psychologist he was a magician, and it’s really no coincidence […]

The Little Queen – What I think.

A little bit of a retrospective on my first book The Little Queen.  A little bit of a review of my own work, I suppose (may contain spoilers).  The sequel, Asterion, is undergoing another rewrite and I’m nearly to the end of the first act.  Maybe then I’ll let some beta-readers take a look at […]

The Little Queen – Themes

The Little Queen is still You Set The Price on Smashwords, and $2.99 everywhere else.  Should really update the description and everything on the website.  But now the necessary marketing stuff is out the way,today instead of talking about the plot I’m going to quickly go other some of the themes in this story, some […]

The Little Queen – You Set The Price

Remember The Little Queen on Smashwords, all freshly revised and edited, is available for… You Set The Price!  So you can pay anything from nothing to one billion dollars… although it’s $2.99 everywhere else so that would be overpaying a bit I think. Here are some of the things other people have said about it, […]

Advent Calendar 2016: Days 1 – 6

Sometimes you look at the world and you think, ‘this is it.  The human race has peaked and now we’re all just whittling away our time on trivial, useless BS waiting for the asteroid to come and finish us.’  When I start to think like that, I just play with LEGO bricks and suddenly I’m […]

The Little Queen – Pay what you want

I can’t do free giveaways on Amazon anymore, since I decided to publish on other online stores as well. But, on Smashwords I’ve made it so you can set the price, which means indeed you can in fact get it for free from there if you want.  Obviously I would prefer you gave me something, […]

Asterion – Chapter Two, Part One

Still posting some of the opening chapters so far.  As usual these are drafts and subject to change.  I will be getting proofreaders involved, but still feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions or mistakes you may have found.  Other stories are available around the internet. Asterion – Chapter Two, Part One The […]