The Tripods – TV Series

I’ll get around to reviewing the last book in John Christopher’s The Tripods Trilogy (as well as probably the prequel), but at this point I might as well mention that there was indeed a British TV series based on the books.  It had typical BBC 1970′s production values, made in 1984.  (I’m being harsh really […]

Review: The City of Gold and Lead, by John Christopher

Reliving my earliest reading memories, I have now finished the second book in John Christopher’s Tripods Trilogy.  It continues from where the last one finished, with our hero Will, Henry and Beanpole (don’t know why he’s the only one who gets a nickname) having completed their perilous journey to the White Mountains and joining the […]

Review: The White Mountains by John Christopher

I’ve being wanting to reread this for a long time.  I remembering reading it when I was a wee one, and so was one of the things that got me interested in reading and in storytelling.  But I finally did and you know what?  It’s still pretty good.  The prose is simple, but effective, and […]

Review: The Death of Grass, by John Christopher

I figured I might start writing up reviews on books I’ve read.  At some point I’d like to revisit books I read when I was younger and that have influenced me some way.  One of those was definitely John Christopher’s Tripods trilogy, but those aren’t the books I’m looking at today.  Instead, I’ll be talking […]