Review: Paranormality by Richard Wiseman

So I’m going to start writing some quick reviews again, because I like to and it gives me something to do.  I’m starting with a non-fiction just because it was the last thing I read. So Richard Wiseman is a psychologist.  Before he was a psychologist he was a magician, and it’s really no coincidence […]

The Little Queen – What I think.

A little bit of a retrospective on my first book The Little Queen.  A little bit of a review of my own work, I suppose (may contain spoilers).  The sequel, Asterion, is undergoing another rewrite and I’m nearly to the end of the first act.  Maybe then I’ll let some beta-readers take a look at […]

Review: Tales of the Abyss

So, I’m going to carry on reviewing the Tales series because… no reason really.  I just feel like it, and they happen to be on my brain at the moment. So, Tales of the Abyss was released in English on the Playstation 2, but I believe only in North America.  I know I had to […]

Review: Tales of Vesperia

As well as books and tat I’m going to start talking about and reviewing games and other things that I like.  But only that I like.  If you think I’m going to mention games I don’t like, then you’d be very much mistaken.  That’s just not gonna happen.  Well, unless something angers me enough to […]

Jen Air: The Little Queen Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews I’ve had for The Little Queen.  Not too many as I’ve done little marketing (I mean I’ve talked about it on my blog and sent a tweet out here and there).  Also I’ve had a few reviews disappear from the Amazon website.  Apparently Amazon can delete them for […]

Review: Jane Austen Action Figure

Jane Austen Action Figure So I was browsing Amazon for… well, let’s face it, tat to fill my home with, when I came upon this thing.  Now, I haven’t bought it, at least not yet, but I’ve a few thoughts just based on the product image: As you see, it includes a book and quill […]